Drug Prevention Story:

Sunny’s Story

How to Save a Young Life from Drugs

Written by Ginger Katz
CEO & Founder of The Courage to Speak®Foundation

Drug Prevention Story

Young Ian and Sunny


If only our pet could talk- could warn us we’d lose our son to drugs.

A Drug Prevention Story

Sunny’s Story is a compelling drug prevention story for children, adolescents, teenagers, parents, grandparents, and teachers. This drug prevention story tells of joyful times and sad times, and of how a dog’s best friend was needlessly lost to drugs. Sunny’s Story is narrated through the eyes, ears and mind of Sunny, the family beagle. It is about the ups and downs of life with his young master, beginning with their meeting at an animal shelter, and ending with a futile effort to ward off disaster.

A Drug Prevention Story For All Ages

This drug prevention story was written by Ginger Katz, a mother who lost her son Ian to a drug overdose. The drug prevention story titled Sunny’s Story helps families talk openly about the dangers of drugs.

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Helen S., Teacher “Sunny’s Story is absolutely required reading”

Dr. Lynne Moore, Principal “The book about Sunny will be an asset to our language arts…”

Kathleen Seperack, High School Guidance Counselor “I am bringing Sunny’s Story to the students of my school. It is essential every student reads this book and it is as part of the Courage to Speak Drug Prevention curriculum taught in our school.”

Dee Rathbone, Community Advocate “After reading Sunny’s Story my 18-year-old granddaughter spoke to her dad about her drinking problem and got help.”

Greg Garland, Parent “All parents should buy this book”

Dr. Salvatore Corda, Superintendent “…will help children understand how even ‘good kids’ can fall prey to the lure of drugs.”

Matthew, Student “I loved Sunny’s Story. It taught me how to not keep secrets from my parents.”

Brittany, Grade 6 “Sunny’s Story has helped me to know more about the dangers of drugs.”

Class of 2010 6th Grade Yearbook- Students Voted: The drug prevention story entitled Sunny’s Story- Favorite Book!


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