Substance Abuse: A Story on Drug Use and its Effects on a Family

In Sunny’s Story, author Ginger Katz is the voice of her voiceless son and their family beagle, Sunny. In simple, but descriptive prose, Ginger lets Sunny tell the story of their beloved Ian’s experimentation with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and its tragic consequences.

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 When I was a puppy I had to go to the animal shelter to find a family…”

Ginger sitting with class.

“Norwalk resident Ginger Katz recently published a children’s book titled “Sunny’s Story,” which was read aloud to fourth graders at Brookside Elementary School last week.”

 In this book on substance abuse, Ms. Katz tells the story of the loss of her beloved son through the family’s soulful beagle and her son Ian’s special friend. Sunny is a perceptive narrator with very human feelings and a gentle buffer that allows young readers the necessary distance needed to deal with the difficult subject of drug use and substance abuse. Sunny gives us all a message of hope, which led to the founding of the Courage to Speak® Foundation.

 Substance Abuse Sunny’s Story

Sunny’s Story is a book about substance abuse and the journey through Ian’s years and the decisions he made. It is meant to be read at the dinner table, in schools, libraries, and is part of the Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Curriculum taught by educators for elementary and high school students. This drug use and substance abuse story is read as a standalone book for children, adolescents, teenagers, parents, grandparents, educators, peer readers and elementary, middle and high school students.

Student listening to Sunny's Story

Student listening to Sunny's Story.

Substance Abuse Story

“After reading the first half of 'Sunny’s Story' to her class, Brookside Elementary School teacher Dorothy Brown holds up a photograph of Ian as a student looks on.”


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